Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First Email

Dear Family,
This has been quite the experience so far.  Tuesdays are my P days obviously and I am currently doing my laundry.  This place is seriously like a prison but an awesome one.  I cant believe how organized we all are now.  I dont even know where to start.  My companion, Elder Clonts, is about my height but is built like a horse and he is built like a horse because he is from Thatcher AZ.  He works on a ranch in the summers and plays football.  I never thought i would get along with a farm boy but he is literally just like me.  I know that we are meant for each other and I know it was Gods plan for me to teach him and for him to teach me.  Our district is awesome and our zone is even better.  There are four of us going to El Salvador Santa Ana/ Belize and 7 other Elders going to VinA Del Mar Chile.  All of us took Spanish in highschool except for my companion of course.  It was meant to be right?? My three years at Northwood has helped me learn the basics. Elder Clonts started off really frustrated and was thinking he was in the wrong place when we first started Spanish classes.  Our teacher only speaks spanish to us so i could see why he felt lost.  On the other hand i was suprised at how much i could understand.  At this point in time its not a matter of HOW much i understand its a matter of HOW fast i recognize everything.  My teacher Hermana Gwynn is awesome and i can understand her perfectly.  We try to speack spanish wherever and whenever.  i have replaced words in my mind because i say them so much like el evangelio and mi companero (without the accents).  As of right now me and the 3 other Elders called to El Salvador will be leaving the Provo MTC on June 19th...2 and a half weeks!  Heading to Guatamala is going to be super exciting. We get our travel info this friday so i will be sure to write you if everything is on schedule.  I have recieved three packages and a couple of letters.  I got the OGIO backpack and it will be perfect, thanks padre.  I recieved a beautiful letter with advice from Aunt Debbie and flashcards that have helped me with my vocabulary.  Thank you so much Auntie Debbie, your advice is already helping me.  I wrote you a handwritten letter and hope you got that as well.  I recieved a DearElder from Marissa and that made my day too.  I hope she got my letter, can you guys make sure, mom i am pretty sure you have her number.  DearElder is the best way to communicate with me because every letter you send me they print out for me and deliver everyday that way i can read them during the week and have more time to email.  Keep sending the love and tell them to send it through Dear Elder.  If you could also post my mailing address on my facebook i think Alex would like that. 
       I see my friends here all the time and have gotten used to calling them Elder Reese, Elder Congleton, Elder Tempest, Elder Lavering, Elder King.  It is so awesome to see all of them and to see how their Spanish is progressing.  By far my favorite Elder here besides my companion is my neighbor, 12 week allstar, and spanish master, elder Lebaron.  He is one of the veterans in my zone and he helps me with everything.  He is the man (Elder).  Im sure AJ and Brooke would get a kick out of that.  Another one of my favorite elders is Elder Fuimaono who is sitting right next to me.  Originally from Samoa but moved to Hawaii, he loves BJ Penn, is huge, and started as a true freshman for UofA.  He is a beast and has the softest heart.  He is hilarious though and he thinks i am one of him because of how dark my skin was when i went in.  Every Elder and Sister here is awesome and i love them all.  This place in general has made me a nicer person.  It has tested my testimony and my knowledge of the restoration of this gospel.  I teach the 1st discussion in spanish almost everyday and it tests my Spanish because we sit in a room with an investigator and i speak 90% of the time.  hAha Elder Clonts is learning fast though and i have to be the example. 
I love you guys so much but for some odd reason its not that i miss you its that i know you are being blessed and that i am serving the Lord and making him proud which is what is making you proud.  I love it here so much and just want to get into the field but i know i have much to learn.  I cant wait to flow in spanish and i cant wait to love the people of el salvador.
I would write my testimony in spanish but i need accents i will work on that next time. 
Alma 26:12 Love you
Elder Gubernick

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