Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 2

This week was even better.  I have adapted to the MTC lifestyle and 
have grown to love it even more.  Every second of my day is scheduled 
and everysecond of the day is refining me into a better missionary.  We 
have been taught over and over that we are on the Lords errand so 
wasting time is not an option.  As I said there are 11 Kids in our 
distric which makes up our classroom.  Me Elder Nelson, Elder Hagemer, 
and Elder Larsen are the Spanish experts (basically tutors).  Our job 
is to help the rest of the class while our two teachers are not there 
during language study and additional study.  There are 3 other kids 
that are in charge of organizing our meetings and 3 more that are in 
charge of maintaining the spirit.  My companion is the lone elder with 
the job of making anyone happy when they are feeling down.  He also 
gets to choose the Hymns we sing.  This extra task has challenged me to 
learn spanish even better so i can teach it right to the rest of our 
district.  My pronunciation is alot better Dad.  I can write almost 
anything i want in any tense but it is speaking it and thinking of it 
fast enough to say that is the hard part. I got so many packages, one 
 from Heidi, and more from you guys.  Thanks Hiedi i loved the Dr. 
Peppr, so did all my fellow Elders.  Keep the DearElders coming,  I got 
one from AMAC, Bergen, Marissa,Cade and AJ and others.  keep them 
coming i love hearing from you guys.  And i did get the cinamon rolls, 
but i havent opened them yet.  Today i went through the temple and it 
was awesome.  Not quite as cool as Newport but Provo is pretty sweet.  
Doing sessions with 40 other young worthy missionaries is awesome. 
    I am pretty sure the first presidency is going to be here next week 
and they are going to talk to us the Sunday before i leave.  An Elder 
in my zone whose grandparents used to be the MTC mission Presidents has 
the opportunity to pass them and their guests the sacrament.  I cant 
wait to hear the talks they have for us because we hear from members of 
the 70 and people i have never heard of and their talks always are 
bomb.  The MTC is full of spiritualy growing opportunities.  I cant 
wait, however i cant wait to go to... el CCM de Guatamala. 
I love all of you guys and love hearing from you.  I miss you so much.  
Keep up the good work.  If i could give you any advice, it would be 
pray whenever you need to.  I have recieved more answers to prayer here 
than i ever have.  I know you guys will be blessed while i am serving.  
Even though El Salvador is very dangerous i have a sense of peace and 
protection.  Time is running out Love you guys again and all the family 
that i have heard from.
Love all you guys,
Jacob 4:6    (i like it because it mentions waves)

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