Sunday, July 22, 2012

Elder Gubernick's new address in El Salvador

Elder Reed Gubernick
El Salvador Santa Ana Belize Mission
Apartado Postal #142 Iglesia de Jesucrist
Carretera a Candelaria de la Frontera
y Autopista a San Salvador

You can email Reed at

But leave your address in the email because he can only send handwritten letters to friends and family.


One more week to go...


This week was yet another
awesome week and I have grown so much.  First to apologize for my past
few emails.  I dont have that much time and the computers here aren't
so great.  I looked back and I spell a few words wrong here and there,
even the Spanish ones that i study everyday.  
Real quick fact.  Never say El Salvadorian
again, just like AJ would correct you with Hatian, it is El
Salvadoreño.    Now to answer those questions¨.

    How was your week? Is time going fast for you. I cant believe you
have only a week left. Are you nervous.    

Time flies by here rather
than the Provo MTC.  Tell Blake Draper that it is a blessing to come
here and he will soon understand.  I can't believe it has gone by this
fast but then when i look and see how much i have grown i feel like i
have been here forever.  I am a little nervous but that is normal.

Where is the el salvador missionary going? So he wont be serving with
There are a bunch of Salvadoreños here.  There are a couple
from my area, but a majority of them live in the big city.  I am
pretty sure they are all serving here in Guate or in Costa Rica or
Nicaragua.  I have been talking to one of them that surfs and he has a
younger sister who rides for Billabong.  This family has a beach house
in Punta Roca and i saw pictures and it looks sweet.  It is a point
break and when it is high tide, the waves get huge he said.  His house
looks like a big cannopy right on the water.  His whole family surfs
but he has only been surfing for 4 years.  We will visit there when
you guys come pick me up.

What is your daily schedule like?  Our daily schedule is too long for
this email.  maybe i will write a letter about it.

How are you doing with the food and water? Still taking the pills? Let
me know when you need more?
The food is still amazing. I still take the pills and I have been solid since i got here.
I still have two more boxes so maybe when i get into the field.

What do you miss the most besides me (mom)??  I miss my family the most and
especially IZZY.

How is the weather? The weather i like to compare it to newport on a
overcast day, not too hot not to cold but yet it is sunny.  The
humidity isnt that bad but it rains alot every now and then.

      So this week was kind of the hump week.  It was the week that
had to be completed so i can get to this week, MY LAST WEEK.  This
week is very important.  I need to soak up as much spanish as i can.
I have all the grammar down, yes subjunctive, past subjunctive,
Preterite vs Imperfect, so i am just trying to soak in as much
vocabulary and verbs as possible.  This week i will only speak
spanish, everywhere to everyone to prepare for my first Latino
companion.  It's my goal.  Hablaré mi idioma.  Another exciting goal
that will be acomplished this week is i will have finished the Book of
Mormon is Spanish.  I have a 100 pages left and I am so happy with
this.  I have never read it so fast and never loved it so much.  It's
not even my native language and i feel the power in it.  We get to go
proselyting this monday again but with our North American Comp.  Me
and Elder Mecham are stoked.  Everyone here shall hear, as it says in D&C 1.
We also get some training in other stuff but i cant wait.

I heard from Elder Weaver and he seems to be stoked.  I can't
wait til all of my buddies are serving the Lord with me.
I really can't wait to get  into the
field.  I love the people here, I love the language and I love this
gospel.  Everytime i teach someone how the gospel blesses family, its
hard not to use a personal story of how the gospel has blessed my
family.  My testimony of this gosepel has grown so much, yet it still
needs to grow.  Thats why missionary service is for two years.  I
haven't even seen the full potential of the blessings of missionary
service.  I love you guys so much.  Keep up the good work.  All you
future missionaries out there, prepare now.  I have seen missionaries
who have waited to prepare and they are behind.  It is their biggest
regret.  I cant wait for El Salvador.  I know it is the place for me
and i know you guys will be blessed and i will be protected.  Live the
gospel, be an example of the believers.      Love, Elder Gubernick


Dear Family,

This week was a little sad because all my fellow Latino Elders were sent
into the field.  I had grown so close to them that when they had to
leave it was very sad.  I credit all the spanish i have learned to
them.  They have taught me more than any teacher can.  We got a whole
bunch of new elders and sisters this week.  This batch of Latinos are
all from El Salvador.  I  Love these ones just as much but they talk
so much faster.  The elders from El salvador are so funny.  They teach
me all the things i need to do and say and I teach them how to say it
in English.  One of my new favorite elders, Elder Martinez from Santa
Ana, El Salvador.  I was talking to him one night and we were talking
about familieis and he said his mom is not a member.  I instantly had
the impression to promise him i will tach her.  He instantly started
tearing up and i took him into my room and he wrote down his address
and everything.  I told him i would do everything i can to help his
family.  Now everytime i see him when i am studying he always says
prepare hard for my mom.  I needed this.  I have a bunch of goals but
this one means alot more.  Talking about my goals, one of my goals now
is to finish the BoM in spanish.  I am half way and i need to read 23
pages a day to finish by the time i go into the field.  That gives me
16 days.  I love it here and i rarely get discouraged.  In the Provo
Mtc it was a little different.  Everything was too organized and we
werent really missionaries.  Here in this CCM we have the freedom to
choose the right, to contact people anytime we are outside.   Our
lessons with Estuardo are going great.  It is kind of hard to get
discussions with him.  His job is very hard here and he doesnt have that much


How was the flea market?

The flea market was so sweet.  I wish we had more time there.  Me and
my companion ran into a man reading the book of mormon at his
little stand we spent alot of time tlaking to him.  What do they sell?
They sold everything.  Backpacks pens, furniture.  Not that many ties
though.  Thats all i really wanted.  I got scripture cases and some
other cool things.  Everything is so cheap.

How were the historical sites you went to with the mission pres? The
historical sites were cool, there are a lot of theories that the hill
Cumorrah is actually here in Guatemala.  Sorry Sister Larsen.  We saw
a giant 3d map of Guatemala and it covered Belize too.    Sorry
this letter is shorter.  I had to read emailsfrom everyone.  Lauren
Norman, it was awesome hearing from her.  Marissa Byers, its always
nice hearing from her.  Steven Dougherty, please put him on the
fowarding list.  Wish Chase good luck for me and tell them to be
prepared.  It will be so awesome to knowmy buddies are spread out
covering the world.  I know my testimony grows everyday.  Reading the
scriptures has a new meaning now.  Everything has a new meaning now.
I love it here and I wish i could share more.  I love this church, I
love teaching in Spanish, and I love my family so much.  The reason I
can serve for two years and not see or talk to my family on the phone
is beacuse i know i will spend eternity with them.  Please send Nenos
letter in the actual email because i cant open documents here.  I love
all of you.  Keep Up the Good Work.

                          Love your Son, Elder Gubernick

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Some more questions we asked Elder Gubernick-

Did elder Reynolds get his
visa figured out? Yes, he is going to the same mission.  El Salvador,
San Salvador
Do you take a bus to el salvador or a plane? We take a bus, about 4 hours
Do you have a date to leave for el salvador? The monday in three weeks.
Sis Garlock said elder Reynolds is very witty and very competitive at
games?  He is the Man, I love him. We will definietly hangout after the mish.
Have you heard for Elder Lebaron? Do you want his address? I asked him
today, he emailed me but nothing big just to say what his deal is.
How are the lessons going with the security guard?  Awesome! We taught
him yesterday and he is progressing so fast.  His only problem is the
Sunday deal since he works all day Sunday.  We told him to ask his
boss for this Sunday off and he said he will be in contact with us.
He has a testimony of the Church, and he knows it.  He just thinks it
will be a big change.  He will be baptized, I know it.
How was it to go outside the MTC?  We went proselyting.  It was so
intense.  I got paired up with my favorite Latino Elder Ayala and we
walked all day.  We talked to everyone and rang every door bell.  The
first guy we met happed to speak perfect English and he had been to
church in LA 5 times.  He said he likes it he just doesnt have time.
We got his info and referred him to the missionaries in this mission.

Hello Family,

     On the Fourth we had American food,  Sandwhiches and chips,
koolaid and cake. It was so fun.  We sang the songs of our country and
had a lot of fun.   I dont really need anything in particular that i
cant buy here.  This tuesday when the Latinos get sent off we get to
go to the Market in downtown Guate with  President Nicolaysen.  I will
probably get some stuff down there.  We get to have Wendys too that
day and take a tour about the revelations in the Book of Mormon that
take place in Guatemala.  I heard from the other missionaries that is
is so much fun.  I cant believe my stay here is almost over.  Dad, I
read alot, mostly the scriptures but i have been reading Our Search
For Happiness and it is very good.  We listen to some MoTAB and EFY
music during study time too.  Your lives sound exciting right now.
Mine is very exciting.  Our lesson with Estuardo went amazing.  Its
not that I understand every word he says so fast but I can feel his
intent through the Spirit.  He is my main focus right now.  Every
study i conduct has something to do with him and his needs.  Where in
the scriptures I study depends on him.  This is what a mission is all
about, helping Heavenly Fathers Children come unto him through the
restored gospel.  I have learned so much here, not just Spanish.  I
can tell that when I study the words of the Book of Mormon, my
testimony grows each time.  Through Prayer anything can happen.
P.U.S.H    "Pray Until Something Happens"  I know this works.  I love
it here.  I have met friends I would have never met, I have met people
that I was supposed to meet.  I know that I am serving the Lord and
that these two years arent for me or even for you.  These 2 years of
service will bless our lives but these 2 years are for our Heavenly
Father and for the people of El Salvador and Guatemala.  I love this
church and the way i was raised.  Thank you Mom and Dad and everyone
who took part in my life.    I love this work.            Im glad
everyone is doing well.  I miss you guys so much.  Mail takes like 2
weeks for me to send it to you because it is through Pouch mail.  I
sent you and aj a letter last Pday so look for it this week.  Sorry it
is so slow.  Couple things about El Salvador... In El Salvador I WILL
eat pupusas everyday, they dont really pronunciate "S" so it sounds
like El ALVADOR.  A word a friend told me that will boost my street
credit is "es chevo"  like "sick" or thats cool.  in Mexico its ""Que
                                             Remember to P.U.S.H...
Con Amor,
        Elder Gubernick

New Address to write Elder Gubernick for 3 more weeks

Elder Reed Gubernick
Guatemala MTC
Bulevar Vista Hermosa 23-71
Vista Hermosa 1, Zona 15
01015 Guatemala City
Guatemala, C.A.

You can email Reed, but he will have to send you a handwritten letter so include your address.


Some questions we asked Elder Gubernick:

Are you still taking your pills?  YES; but i have become immune to the
water haha
Did you feel the earthquake? No I was asleep
Do you go out tracting? Yes this monday when we go on exchanges with
my favorite Latino Elder from Mexico, Elder Ayala
Do you need anything sent to you? Not really
Do you have a specific address so I can update the blog? No just the
MTC address in the book
Do they celebrate the 4th of July in Guatemala? Sister Nicolacyen said
she would bake us a cake (Mission Presidents Wife, reminds me of
Grandma Shirley a little bit)

        I have been in Guatemala now for 11 or
so days and it feels like home.  I have had the opportunity to do many
things that I have never done.  I have been called as District Leader
and it is so easy because our district is so awesome.  Our District
consists of me and my companion, Elder Mecham, Elder Galloway from
Redding CA, Elder Puaka from Long Beach, CA, Elder Reynolds (who has
turned out to be one of my best friends, we talk alot about the
Garlocks and our friends back at school, we have alot of the same
friends), ELder Luttmer, Elder Anderson, Elder Mageu, and Two
hermanas.  Our district is bomb.  As far as tracting, we get to go
contact outside the temple almost every week and we talk to non
members and members.  I am just glad my spanish is good enough to
teach lessons and underrstand their fast pace spanish.  Me and Elder
Mecham recieved and awesome opportunity last night that i will never
forget.  After teaching a practice lesson to one of our teachers, she
talked with our other teacher and decided we were ready to teach for
real.  There is a security gueard here at the CCM who has been talking
with the missionaries.  He works here so he wants to get taught here.
The last missionaries who taught him left the CCM and so the President
and our teachers feel me and Elder Mecham are the ones prepared enough
with the language and etc to teach him.  He has taking the first and
second lesson and it is honestly a lot of pressure but i know the Lord
will provide.  It has made me think about my study habbits and how
maybe i need to focuse a lot harder now that is is real.  His name is
Estuardo and he is Catholic.  He works on Sunday so we are trying to
have him switch shirfts so he can live the law of the Sabbath.  Me and
Elder Mecham feel the pressure and we go straight to our knees.  We
have been praying alot for what he needs.  I cant wait to teach him.
   As far as actual tracting we get to go out Monday with an exchanged
companion who is a Latino.  Elder Ayala is my campanion for this
activity.  We get dropped off at a certain area and we get to tract.
I CANT WAIT.  It will be a real test.  I can see the gift of tongues
in my life.  I know its real as well as the Love of the Savior.  I
love and miss you guys.  I had alot of emails to read this PDAY so i
had less time to write, SORRY.  I might write you a letter with more
info, and i need to send you a letter for AJ because i dont know his
address and i didnt have time to email him.  As far as DEAR ELDERS, i
get them once a week usually on fridays.  Write them on Sunday or
Monday or else i have to wait an extra week.  I love hearing from you
guys.  Keep asking questions.  I love all of you and hope you are
living what i am teaching out here.     Con Amor,    Elder Gubernick