Sunday, July 22, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was a little sad because all my fellow Latino Elders were sent
into the field.  I had grown so close to them that when they had to
leave it was very sad.  I credit all the spanish i have learned to
them.  They have taught me more than any teacher can.  We got a whole
bunch of new elders and sisters this week.  This batch of Latinos are
all from El Salvador.  I  Love these ones just as much but they talk
so much faster.  The elders from El salvador are so funny.  They teach
me all the things i need to do and say and I teach them how to say it
in English.  One of my new favorite elders, Elder Martinez from Santa
Ana, El Salvador.  I was talking to him one night and we were talking
about familieis and he said his mom is not a member.  I instantly had
the impression to promise him i will tach her.  He instantly started
tearing up and i took him into my room and he wrote down his address
and everything.  I told him i would do everything i can to help his
family.  Now everytime i see him when i am studying he always says
prepare hard for my mom.  I needed this.  I have a bunch of goals but
this one means alot more.  Talking about my goals, one of my goals now
is to finish the BoM in spanish.  I am half way and i need to read 23
pages a day to finish by the time i go into the field.  That gives me
16 days.  I love it here and i rarely get discouraged.  In the Provo
Mtc it was a little different.  Everything was too organized and we
werent really missionaries.  Here in this CCM we have the freedom to
choose the right, to contact people anytime we are outside.   Our
lessons with Estuardo are going great.  It is kind of hard to get
discussions with him.  His job is very hard here and he doesnt have that much


How was the flea market?

The flea market was so sweet.  I wish we had more time there.  Me and
my companion ran into a man reading the book of mormon at his
little stand we spent alot of time tlaking to him.  What do they sell?
They sold everything.  Backpacks pens, furniture.  Not that many ties
though.  Thats all i really wanted.  I got scripture cases and some
other cool things.  Everything is so cheap.

How were the historical sites you went to with the mission pres? The
historical sites were cool, there are a lot of theories that the hill
Cumorrah is actually here in Guatemala.  Sorry Sister Larsen.  We saw
a giant 3d map of Guatemala and it covered Belize too.    Sorry
this letter is shorter.  I had to read emailsfrom everyone.  Lauren
Norman, it was awesome hearing from her.  Marissa Byers, its always
nice hearing from her.  Steven Dougherty, please put him on the
fowarding list.  Wish Chase good luck for me and tell them to be
prepared.  It will be so awesome to knowmy buddies are spread out
covering the world.  I know my testimony grows everyday.  Reading the
scriptures has a new meaning now.  Everything has a new meaning now.
I love it here and I wish i could share more.  I love this church, I
love teaching in Spanish, and I love my family so much.  The reason I
can serve for two years and not see or talk to my family on the phone
is beacuse i know i will spend eternity with them.  Please send Nenos
letter in the actual email because i cant open documents here.  I love
all of you.  Keep Up the Good Work.

                          Love your Son, Elder Gubernick

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