Sunday, July 8, 2012


Some questions we asked Elder Gubernick:

Are you still taking your pills?  YES; but i have become immune to the
water haha
Did you feel the earthquake? No I was asleep
Do you go out tracting? Yes this monday when we go on exchanges with
my favorite Latino Elder from Mexico, Elder Ayala
Do you need anything sent to you? Not really
Do you have a specific address so I can update the blog? No just the
MTC address in the book
Do they celebrate the 4th of July in Guatemala? Sister Nicolacyen said
she would bake us a cake (Mission Presidents Wife, reminds me of
Grandma Shirley a little bit)

        I have been in Guatemala now for 11 or
so days and it feels like home.  I have had the opportunity to do many
things that I have never done.  I have been called as District Leader
and it is so easy because our district is so awesome.  Our District
consists of me and my companion, Elder Mecham, Elder Galloway from
Redding CA, Elder Puaka from Long Beach, CA, Elder Reynolds (who has
turned out to be one of my best friends, we talk alot about the
Garlocks and our friends back at school, we have alot of the same
friends), ELder Luttmer, Elder Anderson, Elder Mageu, and Two
hermanas.  Our district is bomb.  As far as tracting, we get to go
contact outside the temple almost every week and we talk to non
members and members.  I am just glad my spanish is good enough to
teach lessons and underrstand their fast pace spanish.  Me and Elder
Mecham recieved and awesome opportunity last night that i will never
forget.  After teaching a practice lesson to one of our teachers, she
talked with our other teacher and decided we were ready to teach for
real.  There is a security gueard here at the CCM who has been talking
with the missionaries.  He works here so he wants to get taught here.
The last missionaries who taught him left the CCM and so the President
and our teachers feel me and Elder Mecham are the ones prepared enough
with the language and etc to teach him.  He has taking the first and
second lesson and it is honestly a lot of pressure but i know the Lord
will provide.  It has made me think about my study habbits and how
maybe i need to focuse a lot harder now that is is real.  His name is
Estuardo and he is Catholic.  He works on Sunday so we are trying to
have him switch shirfts so he can live the law of the Sabbath.  Me and
Elder Mecham feel the pressure and we go straight to our knees.  We
have been praying alot for what he needs.  I cant wait to teach him.
   As far as actual tracting we get to go out Monday with an exchanged
companion who is a Latino.  Elder Ayala is my campanion for this
activity.  We get dropped off at a certain area and we get to tract.
I CANT WAIT.  It will be a real test.  I can see the gift of tongues
in my life.  I know its real as well as the Love of the Savior.  I
love and miss you guys.  I had alot of emails to read this PDAY so i
had less time to write, SORRY.  I might write you a letter with more
info, and i need to send you a letter for AJ because i dont know his
address and i didnt have time to email him.  As far as DEAR ELDERS, i
get them once a week usually on fridays.  Write them on Sunday or
Monday or else i have to wait an extra week.  I love hearing from you
guys.  Keep asking questions.  I love all of you and hope you are
living what i am teaching out here.     Con Amor,    Elder Gubernick

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