Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy July 4th!

Some more questions we asked Elder Gubernick-

Did elder Reynolds get his
visa figured out? Yes, he is going to the same mission.  El Salvador,
San Salvador
Do you take a bus to el salvador or a plane? We take a bus, about 4 hours
Do you have a date to leave for el salvador? The monday in three weeks.
Sis Garlock said elder Reynolds is very witty and very competitive at
games?  He is the Man, I love him. We will definietly hangout after the mish.
Have you heard for Elder Lebaron? Do you want his address? I asked him
today, he emailed me but nothing big just to say what his deal is.
How are the lessons going with the security guard?  Awesome! We taught
him yesterday and he is progressing so fast.  His only problem is the
Sunday deal since he works all day Sunday.  We told him to ask his
boss for this Sunday off and he said he will be in contact with us.
He has a testimony of the Church, and he knows it.  He just thinks it
will be a big change.  He will be baptized, I know it.
How was it to go outside the MTC?  We went proselyting.  It was so
intense.  I got paired up with my favorite Latino Elder Ayala and we
walked all day.  We talked to everyone and rang every door bell.  The
first guy we met happed to speak perfect English and he had been to
church in LA 5 times.  He said he likes it he just doesnt have time.
We got his info and referred him to the missionaries in this mission.

Hello Family,

     On the Fourth we had American food,  Sandwhiches and chips,
koolaid and cake. It was so fun.  We sang the songs of our country and
had a lot of fun.   I dont really need anything in particular that i
cant buy here.  This tuesday when the Latinos get sent off we get to
go to the Market in downtown Guate with  President Nicolaysen.  I will
probably get some stuff down there.  We get to have Wendys too that
day and take a tour about the revelations in the Book of Mormon that
take place in Guatemala.  I heard from the other missionaries that is
is so much fun.  I cant believe my stay here is almost over.  Dad, I
read alot, mostly the scriptures but i have been reading Our Search
For Happiness and it is very good.  We listen to some MoTAB and EFY
music during study time too.  Your lives sound exciting right now.
Mine is very exciting.  Our lesson with Estuardo went amazing.  Its
not that I understand every word he says so fast but I can feel his
intent through the Spirit.  He is my main focus right now.  Every
study i conduct has something to do with him and his needs.  Where in
the scriptures I study depends on him.  This is what a mission is all
about, helping Heavenly Fathers Children come unto him through the
restored gospel.  I have learned so much here, not just Spanish.  I
can tell that when I study the words of the Book of Mormon, my
testimony grows each time.  Through Prayer anything can happen.
P.U.S.H    "Pray Until Something Happens"  I know this works.  I love
it here.  I have met friends I would have never met, I have met people
that I was supposed to meet.  I know that I am serving the Lord and
that these two years arent for me or even for you.  These 2 years of
service will bless our lives but these 2 years are for our Heavenly
Father and for the people of El Salvador and Guatemala.  I love this
church and the way i was raised.  Thank you Mom and Dad and everyone
who took part in my life.    I love this work.            Im glad
everyone is doing well.  I miss you guys so much.  Mail takes like 2
weeks for me to send it to you because it is through Pouch mail.  I
sent you and aj a letter last Pday so look for it this week.  Sorry it
is so slow.  Couple things about El Salvador... In El Salvador I WILL
eat pupusas everyday, they dont really pronunciate "S" so it sounds
like El ALVADOR.  A word a friend told me that will boost my street
credit is "es chevo"  like "sick" or thats cool.  in Mexico its ""Que
                                             Remember to P.U.S.H...
Con Amor,
        Elder Gubernick

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