Sunday, September 30, 2012

Best Day So Far


   I got all your emails and everything.  I GOT THE PACKAGE... thank you so much.  The cable works, and the snacks are awesome.  Thank you so much mom and dad.  I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa and that was awesome too.  I really appreciate all the love here.  I feel bad for the other missionaries who dont get anything.  I know its expensive so you dont have to keep it up but I appreciate it.  
  Well... This week was the best week in my mission.  to be more specific, the 23 of September was the best day yet.  Why?  We started our day of normal.  We went to this couple that we are talking to that are taking the lessons and progressing super fast.  They were our focus and we went to teach them more stuff to prepare them for baptism.  They are not married yet so they need to get married.  This is a problem!  We went and taught them and talked about this problem.  They told us that they were ready and this message is true.  They are going to get married in October and baptized the next day.  We are marrying people HAHA!!!!
   Then we went to another girl who we are teaching who has a boyfriend that is a member.  We taught her the Law of Chastity invited her to get baptized and she said yes.  She is getting baptized the first week in October too.  This day was miraculous.  I will always remember this day.  We have some really positive people right now.  We are expecting big things this month.  I hope all things will work out.  
Happy Birthday Neno!!! You have been an awesome example to me and my family, as to how to be a member of this church.  Thank you for Everything!  pero ¿cuantos años tiene? No sabemos!

Happy Birthday Marissa!!! Your not a little teenager any more.  Enjoy the real life!

Family, keep doing awesome.  Dad good luck in Australia, take pics and send them to me.  Mom, keep taking care of the kids and sending me your love.  I know your worried but I am fantastic.  Brothers and Sisters, make me proud in sports and at BYU and in everything.  Love you all!!!

Elder Gubernick

Working Hard

Dear Family,

How much money do you get every month? About 185 a month, I took out some from my credit card to buy a couple of things and folders for my scriptures.
How are your feet with all the walking? No, the mission comes with a lot of dolores but this is not one of them. 
Do you ride the bus a lot and how much does it cost you? Average amount costs 20 cents.
How are your shoes? Hanging in there, comfy.  My boots came in handy, look at the pictures.
Do you live with another companionship? We want to see pictures of your
apt. inside.  Does the maid live with you or close to you? No only us two, our house is nice and no our cook lives close and our laundry person works near us.
Are there alot of bugs there? Especially in the jungle area. Yeah, there are these giant grass hoppers that can fly, alacranes or scorpions, and more but we dont see them that often.
I am still waiting to hear from Cade and Bergen... The family sounds magnificent.  Keep up with the updates, it doesn't make me homesick, only when I see a picture of the beach that Leslie Dougherty sent Elder Dougherty who fowarded it to me.  Please dont send me pics of the beach or talk about the Hurley Pro haha.  
   I have not gotten the package yet but it should come this wednesday.  I hope it has my English Scriptures and the cord.  Other than that I will be grateful for whatever.  
   This week was a little different.  I had a different outlook on the mission.  Instead of focusing on the numbers like we always try not to do, we worked very hard following the section in Preach My Gospel about a Succesful Missionary. Love the people, follow the rules, and if you can feel the spirit testify through you, you are serving successfully.  I worked hard with this and I could see the fruits of my labor.  We found two more families that are preparing for baptism.  The only problem is, they arent legally a familly yet or in other words, "están acompañados", living together before marriage not living the law of chastity.  We are having success with this family teaching them the Law of Chastity and we are expecting the baptism of one of the families at the end of this month.  One of these in particular is a little weird.  This girl is 15 years old, she is with this 17 year old kid who is a member.  This girl is living in our area with this kid and her mom lives in San Salvador and doesnt have a dad.  Therefore, to get married there is paper work necessary.  We got the paper worked signed and everything.  All we need is them to live in different houses and they are getting married in december.  Pray for this family and pray that this girl can get baptized the 29 of September.
    I could write alot more about this area but I want to keep it simple.  We are teaching a bunch, we drop people when they can't progress, and we are continually finding new people.  The Catholics are hard, I won't lie.  But we are working hard and enjoying the weather.  When it rains it is beautiful.  I love and miss you guys.  How's the missionary work in Irvine?  There is always room for imporvement.  If Cade can, go serve with the missionaries.  The best way to learn is do.  Thank you for writing me and telling me all about the life in California.  Keep up the good work.  Good Luck Bergen in Volleyball, Cade in Football and school, and Aj in school.  Mom and Dad keep up the good work providing for us kids, we are grateful for your love and your work.  Although we don't show it sometimes we will always love you.

Elder Gubernick

Getting in the Water



How close do you live to the mission home?  I tried to look up pirimidal on Google and it didn't even show up..TRY Piramidal (with an A, spell it right and see if that works)  I live rather close to the home and office.  About 15 min in bus.
What is the closest big city to you? SANTA ANA, but look up Paraiso or Modelo 
How's your health?  Pocito más gordo.  Haha I weigh 160 but I am am actually exercising alot and feel like I am getting in better shape.  Without the cannon center haha I am eating alot more healthy.
How is the missionary work going? Unbelievable
What have you been doing on P Days? We play basketball, write the family, watch movies, buy groceries.
I noticed that there are ruins in El Salvador. Do you guys get to visit them ever on your mission?  I haven't heard anything about that I doubt it.  We will go after.
How close to the temple are you? 45 minutes in bus, we have trips every three months.  President loves us to constantly be thinking of the temple.

As you can see from the picture we baptized a family!  Familia Hernandez.  The are so powerful.  It was an awesome experience that I will not forget and that I should be getting used to.  I am starting to understand a little more about this work and I think I have felt only a part of the joy and happiness this work has in store.  In my life I admit I have been a little self centered and I used to think alot about myself.  The mission changes people for this aspect.  In reality, I think about my investigators 24/7.  What are we going to teach them? What do they need? Can we help them with this? Why are they doing that? Its very rare that I think what do I need or, what am I going to do for myself.  I am pretty sure this is exactly what I needed.  
    This week was one of my favorite weeks in the mission.  We baptized the Hernandez family and they are so active.  I baptized two of the daughters.  17 year old Ingred and 14 year old Katherine.  The bishop baptized the Dad and my  Comp baptized the mom.  It was marvelous and I could truly remember my baptism, being in the font with dad and looking through the glass at my whole family.  I also could remember how dad would say he is going to hold me under longer than usual.  My first baptism was succesful.  I watched my companion struggle a little because he is rather new too.  He had to re baptize the mom.  I learned the tricks and It was a succesful first experience.  
   We are still teaching the Escobar Family.  They drink coffee and we are working super hard with them.  We are still teaching Esmeralda, the mom of another Hernandez family.  We put a date for the 23rd with her and we are going to start visiting her every day so she can progress and prepare faster for this date.  We have some new families and people we are teaching.  We will see how they can progress this week if they go to church.  Thank you so much for praying for these awesome people.  I love you guys so much.  
    I heard from the one and only, ALEX MACDONALD yesterday in a DearElder.  It was probably the coolest thing every to hear from him.  He truly cares about me and It was the coolest letter.  He told me about the last days with door and what he did over summer.  He had some awesome questions and told me how Cade is maturing and staying strong.  I love you AMAC.  He told me how he feels the Spirit when he reads my letters.  His life is going well right now and he has God to thank.  I hope I have been a good example to my friends and my siblings.  I have seen the power of examples in my life.  I also heard from Marissa who is sending me ties.  What an awesome friend.  I heard from Elder Congo, Elder Reese, Elder DOOR.  the gang all in the field.  
     I didn´t get transfered, nor my companion.  We have too much work to do here to be changed.  We have the families ready, we just need to baptize them.  We are so close with these families.  I hope we can convert them in the hearts so they can be active leaders in this church.  There are some more pictures of the jungle I have to walk through to get to some of our investigators.  It is so awesome and exactly the experience I hoped for.  I am looking foward to the package.  Thank You so much.  I hope the family is doing alright.  Grandma and Grandpa, Neno and the whole family.  I can see how blessed we are as a family all in the same church, the one and only true church of God.  Send my love to them and I wish you all the best.  Work hard and keep making me proud.  I love you guys and pray for you all the time.  

"The feeling of love from our Heavenly Father is like a gravitational pull from Heaven.  As we remove the distractions that pull us toward the world and excercise our agency to seek him, we open our hearts to a celestial force which draws us toward him!"

Elder Gubernick

Welcome to the Jungle

The Work in Piramidal

Dear Family,
The questions are awesome.
Did you feel the earthquake? No
What were you doing when it happened? Sleeping
How close are you to the ocean? They said there were tsunami warnings. 
Water is not an issue here.  They supply us with 3 big jugs every two 
weeks and also we have the filter.  It is safe my pro biotics are 
awesome and so is my stomache. 
How's your weight? Lost or gained? Gained 10 from the CCM and maintaing 
here, I am getting jacked as Cade would say.
  From these questions I can tell you still worry about me.  They take 
care of the missionaries.  They honestly make sure we are safe and 
healthy.  I lost my voice the other day from talking alot and the rain 
and the nurse called me to make sure I was alright.  I told her that i 
just lost my voice.  They really do take care of us trust me. 
     I spent alot of time in San Salvador this week for all the 
residence stuff.   The office messed up a number on my records so I had 
to go back to San Salvador again.  This is wasted time but it is always 
awesome because I get to eat Wendys or KFC or anything I want.  We 
always get to go to the temple for a little bit to just to watch it. 
    Therefore not alot went down this week.  However, that new family 
we found, familia Escobar, is awesome.  We are having success but we 
are not baptizing.  I have realized I am in one of the more rich 
areas.  Half my area is jungle remember and half my area is the rich 
Catholic pastors.   We teach a lot of people everyday but we struggle 
to truly convert and get in the water.  We are looking to have a good 
month of September.  I know you pray for me all the time and especially 
my health but I humbly ask that you pray for the families and people we 
teach here.  We have so many people close to baptism.  They all have 
certain challenges and have to work so hard to overcome them.  The work 
here in Piramidal is moving alot.  We will baptize this month so expect 
pictures.  That is a promise and one of my goals.  I honestly thought 
this country would be more receptive but in reality, Central America is 
very catholic.  We have to work hard .  
   We had another meeting with President today and so I dont have that 
much to write.  I will have alot more to write next week.
    I love and miss you all, tell Jeff I said congrats and Molly too.  
Tell the whole extended family I miss them.  Enjoy this week and make 
the best of it.
Elder Gubernick

Feeling the Spirit

Dear Family, 

   Have you really already forgotten about me, is time going by fast or slow for you?  For me time is slipping away.  Before the mission I looked at 2 years a lot differently, almost like a burden.  It is starting to slowly seem like not enough time.  When the missionaries would tell me I wish I could go back or start over I didn't believe them.  I do now because I have had some awesome experiences and I haven`t even baptized yet.  Simply by seeing the changes in other people, I have receive more joy and peace in a way I have never felt.  It is different because I think of our family trips and how good and happy I felt but that is because we are a family who has this gospel and the guidance of or Heavenly Father.  As a 19 year old kid I have the calling to help and teach other people and when we teach with the power and authority of the Spirit I get this warm feeling.  A feeling that everyone talks about.  We try to point this out to everyone one we teach.  The way you feel right now is the Spirit, it is trying to testify the truthfulness of this message.  You can feel this feeling more often, you just have to follow us onto the path of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
    We had some awesome lessons today, very powerful lessons.
    We taught a 20 year old young woman.  She had some problems with the law of chastity and she has been taught this lesson many times.  She has been taught all the lessons many times but has told my companion that she is addicted and can't stop and that her father in heaven understands her problem and that she is fine.  She wants to change but this is her challenge.  We prayed hard about what we should teach her and what do you know, La Expiaciòn.  The Atonement.  A little more background about her.  She comes to church every Sunday, she has a lot of support in the church because her boss/ basically her mom is a member.  She goes to institute every now and then throughout the week and she knows the lessons.  Anyway, we began teaching the lesson with pictures, diagrams, and paintings of Christ.  We taught her with sincere love for her progression.  It was a powerful lesson and we all felt the spirit.  She began to cry and tell us her situation over again and she told us that after the lesson prior to this one she decided to try and stop her bad decisions and change.  She told us that she had been doing well and this was what she needed.  We extended an invitation  to be baptized and she accepted.  She told us she didn`t know when exactly but we are going to try and put a date for the 2 of September.  She is ready and we need to follow up with her.  Satan works hard on our investigators with dates.  She is awesome though.
    We also saw the fruits of our labor and our focus in finding families.  While tracting we walked past the family I asked you guys to pray for.  We said hey and the mom called us over.  There was a young girl buying something from her shop, and the mom of this family said hey elders, teach this girl.  We began talking to this girl and at first she acted real shy saying "no i didnt say i want to be taught" but then she opened up and invited us in to teach.  We walked in thinking, oh we need to find a family, lets teach her real quick.  However, we walked in and she went into the back and brought out 2 brothers and 2 other sisters.  A family of 6 kids and 2 parents.  The parents live in North Carolina.  We were so shocked how interested this family was and all the kids were listening carefully.  Familia Escobar.  They are awesome and becuase of the Munguìa family, we are able to teach these golden investigators.  We see the Lords  hand in our work this week.  Thank you family for praying for my investigators and me.  I learn more and more about this gospel everyday.  I can`t wait to get in the water to baptize.  We had to push a few more dates back.  Keep praying for them and I am sure we will have a lot of success the month of September.  
    I miss you guys and love you so much.  I know you guys are busy, but you are never to busy for the Lord.

    Elder Gubernick

Basketball with the President

Dear Family,
    This week flew by me.  I wonder why...the prophets say when you get lost in the work, time loses you.  Can you believe it has almost been 3 months.  Crazy.  I feel like just yesterday we were eating JDAWGS.  I will tell you why I think this week flew by.  Because we are so busy.  Progressing investigators: Carlos, Ronald, Nery, Patty, William, Familia Munguía, Lorenzo, Hilda, Grisselda and Josseline.
    Right after I wrote you guys last week I went out to play basketball with my zone and a car rolled up.  Yupp that looks like Presidents car.  President hops out with his shoes on and a ball.  Lets Play he said.  It was so hilarious because we were all just in shock.  How often do you get to play with President.  SO we split up and President gets first pick.  "Elder Gubernick" I was suprised and thought oh since I am new he doesnt want me to be picked last.  Turns out that President can ball.  He is 43 years old or so and still has it.  Latinos as you know can't play basketball and also kids from Utah.  Therefore, me and President ran the court all day.  President is probably the most competitive guy out there, I wanted to pull out a page in the white handbook and "machete" him as they call chastising him but I figured he's on my team and we are dominating.  Haha It was a cool experience and an awesome second impression with the President. 
    We set two dates for baptism.  26 de Agosto for Herman Carlos.  53 years of age, doesnt understand much but has a sincere desire to change.  He is an awesome guy and will probably be my first baptism.  There is a mission goal for all the new missionaries to baptize in their first month.  It will be awesome to mark that goal off.  We set an iffy date with Ronald who told us for sure he will be baptized, he just doesnt know when.  We are going to whip out the big guns with him and tell him that this is his trial of faith and that the sooner he enters the waters of baptism the sooner her will reap the blessings of this decision.  A member family, the Contreras family is huge in this conversion.  He is looking to be baptized the 2 of September but we want to push it foward for the 26th as well.
   We are planning on setting more dates this upcoming week.  One sister who had a problem with the law of chastity before I cam here.  For some reason we decided to visit her, out of random and she told us that she decided to commit and leave these things behind and how she has a firm desire to be baptized.  She has 4 asistencias so she is ready and we will put a date for the 26th this month. 
  WE FOUND OUR FAMILY!  Families are my favorite and we are teaching this family.  Hermano Rolando, Hermana Mabel, Orlando 12 years old, and Kevin 7.  Little Orlandito wants to get baptized and the mom likes the plan of salvation.  Our big challenge is the papa.  He has some gnarly questions and doesnt believe in the formation of church because it is run by men and corrupt.  This is perfect because our church is so unique in that noone gets paid.  He was fascinated that we pay for our missions and that our tithing goes straight to the church and to no one.  This church is voluntary.  He is a smart guy and he will figure it out.  As a family, Will you pray especially for this family?  Will you keep the Mungía Family in your prayers? We need to baptized them so they can go to the temple in about a year and get sealed.  Please! 
   Many more investigators but these are our focuse right now. 
   The language again I learn more and more every day.  It is gnarly what the gift of tongues can do.
   We had a MULTI ZONE meeting this week and I learned so much.  President Cordón and his wife talked about many things that for some reason I just needed.  It was awesome and we always eat good food.
   I heard from Sister Larsen, Heidi Debbie and everyone.  Everyone seems to be doing so well.  COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS.  You have a lot more than you think.
   I had a gnarly spiritual experience last night.  Basically we taught the Munguía family last night and we promised some blessings and answers through the direction of the spirit.  The spirit was so strong and this man who is usually very comical and outgoing just listened and meditated as we bore testimony.  I bore testimony of the importance of families in this gospel.  I showed him our christmas card and told him that this happiness only comes through the knowledge of unity for eternity.  I know he felt the spirit and desired to know.  We left him and his family to read 3 Nephi 11 because this also answered one of his questions.  We left and before I went to bed I decided to read this chapter over again for myself in English.  I again felt the comfort of the scriptures and a good feeling.  When I finished, my patriarchal blessing fell out and I read it.  Everyone always says they find something knew every time the read it.  Yeah I never believed that until last night.  I read my blessing and there were words I know were not there before.  I have read this blessing so many times and It didnt mention much about my mission.  But there they were, the specific words close to this "the spirit will put thoughts and words in your mind and they will be believed by others..." This was an awesome experience.  I pray for this family every night, every time i Pray.  Please Help me pray for this family because I have mentioned, I have left my family for 2 years, to help other families live together forever.
    This week was awesome I learned so much.  I know this church I testify of everyday is the one and only, el mismo iglesia Jesucristo estableció muchos años pasado.  I love Spanish so much.  I love Preach My Gospel.  I love my companion.  I love my area.  I love you guys so much. 
Be safe and so will I.
Till we meet again...
Elder Reed Allen Gubernick

Piramidal, Santa Ana

Dear Loving Family,

      Well lets start now.  I loved hearing from everyone this week.  Bergen and Cade, you sound awesome.  Have an awesome experience at EFY.  Meet friends, thats where I met Marissa.  You will have those friends forever.  Have fun. I love hearing from Madeline and Ramsey as well.  I keep in touch with Elder Reynolds too haha.  Yes the only thing I need is pictures.  If you could send them to the office I am sure they will get to me.  Everything else is just perfect.  I didnt expect it to be going by this fast, but everyone says it does, and it really does.  When we work hard, we have fun, and when we have fun, we teach effectively.  When we teach effectively, we baptize.  I havent got to baptize yet but I will soon.  We are so close with a couple of people.  I did however get to confirm a recent convert this week and it was an awesome experience.  The of my biggest challenges, but it is coming along.  I wish I could talk to you dad right now to see what you think.  I can fluently read spanish, I hope thats worth something.  And also I had a dream in Spanish last night about something I forgot.  SWEET The people talk so wierd here.  I am in Piramidal a town right outside of a big city Santa Ana.  It is average size but alot of people.  The people here are in the middle class range.  About 10% of the members have cars.  It is a semi poor area but there are alot worse.  The members are awesome.  We teach alot with the members in the ward that have just returned from their missions and I learn alot.  My comp has only 3 months in the field and is training me so we need all the help we can get.  My first week and his 3 month and we are together, both fairly new, a challenge President say neccesary .  I love it because we both teach each other.  Our district is awesome, the Hermanas are awesome too.
      Currently, we have 7 progressing investigators.  The 3 closest to baptism are NERY GUITERREZ, a 19 year old and he came to the temple with us for a little ground walking.  He had an awesome experience at the temple and we are extending an invitation this week.  He is so close and so interested.  Our next one is WILLIAM.  He lived in LA for a short time and honestly keeps every commitement.  He told us he will get baptized but we havent set a date because we have only taught him 2.  He has problems with his family and is thinking about moving down the street so he can fully commit to this gospel.  He is awesome.  Next is a 24 your old man named RONALD.  He is a good friend of a member so it is awesome.  He comes to church every week and we taught him this week and he said he is going to get baptized too but he just doesnt know when.  A committment will change his mind.  These three are the closest.  A mission goal is for the new missionaries to baptize in their first month.  I am shooting for this goal.  I cant send pictures cause I dont have a cord to connect it, but I am looking to buy one.  I have some good pics of the temple and other things.  
    Like I said, the people here look ASIAN.  It is awesome.  Everyone feeds us, non members, members, and even investigators.  Even if they dont like us, they will feed us.  The food here is delicious.  Hermana Arisely is our cook and she makes bomb soups and meals.  I forgot to mention this last week.  When the people talk here they say "MON" all the time.  "va pues mon"  Puchica mon"  like Jamaicans.  Its hilarious and I have been saying it on accident haha.  The dialect here is different but awesome.  Everything is better than I expected.  The spiritual experiences I have everyday dont compare to the life in the world.  I can see my Heavenly Father help me and the people I teach.  His hand is in this work.  When I testify, I can feel the power of my calling.  I hope I can continue to progress in this work and in the language.  With a larger vocabulary and a better grasp on PMG, the Lord will help us as instruments convert the people of this area.  My testimony grows everyday.  Especially about the importance of families.  Some of the responses i get when I ask, Cree que su familia puede ser juntos para siempre? are unbelievable because some people just dont believe it is possible.  We have the restored gospel and with that comes the knowledge of the Pan of Salvation.  I am thankful for this knowledge and I know my calling is here in EL Salvador.   "A missionary is a willing worthy young man who leaves his family for two years to help others live with their families for eternity"   This is my purpose and our mission has a strong emphasis in finding families.  I love this emphasis.  We have 2 families that are progressing but families are hard to maintain.  I have faith that teaching families is possible, and I cant wait to save my first family.  
     Thank you all for your love and support.  I pray for you back home everyday.  Be safe and count your many blessings.  You live in the UNITED STATES for crying out loud.  Enjoy it.  Don't worry about me.  Love you all.
Obedezca como NEFI
Ore como ENOS
Predique como ABINIDI
Bautice como ALMA
Sirva como AMMON
Luche como MORONI
Ame como Jesucristo

     With Love, Your Son
     Elder Gubernick

Finally in El Salvador

    Dear Gringos,

I am finally here in El Salvador.  Wow I hope I can convey this in a manner that covers everything.  My President and his wife are the best.  My new companion Elder Nuñez de Honduras, is the best.  My area, Piramidal, is the best.  My companion has been out only three months and is already training.  He was made DL when he started this change with me.  He knows barely any English, which is a good thing for me.  I can only speak Spanish and it has seemed to work out pretty well.  I am in a bigger town right next to Santa Ana.  This city is poor but busy.  The people in this area are so receptive.  The members are even better.  Our chapel is huge.  So nice.  My house on the other side is a small homy place ahha I wont get into details besides the fact that I dont shower.  This work is amazing here.  We teach what I feel like is alot.  The weather is nice right now and it rains every night.
    This week I learned so much from Elder Nuñez.  I learned our schedule, how to fill out things, how to buy things, and everything.   We also taught alot.  My first lesson was with a 24 year old kid named Gabriel.  He is a son of one of our investigadors.  My favorite investigator right now is Roberto.  We committed him to baptism for the 12 of this month.  My companion let me invite him.  I gave a blessing in Spanish of course to an inactive member with one leg.  We are teaching another youngster here named Nery.  He is 19, a future missionary.  He comes to mutual and all these other activities, has a desire but wont read.  He said he would start reading for me and we are going to set a date with him tomorrow for the 12th as well.  We are setting a goal of 5 baptsims this month.  My first month and 5 baptisms,  I never would have that that is possible.  It is with the lord on your side in an area where the people are humble and will listen.  The miracle of this week was 2 days ago.  Me and Elder Nuñez were walking down the street and this guy sitting outside yelled at us, we stopped and said what and he said VENGA VENGA.  I ran over there and we talked.  He immediately asked what church we are from.  We told him ofcourse being confused and he said are you from California in English.  I said yeah how did you know and he said i didnt but I do know haha.  He had lived in LA for a couple of years loves the Lakers and spoke a little English.  Once we started the lesson he was just immersed in the Spirit.  He loved it.  He is coming to church this sunday and we have more lessons planned for him.  This man will get baptized because he wants to the the truth. 
    This Sunday i will be confirming a little girl of 14 years of age a member of our church.  Her name is Flor.  She lives in a bad area but loves to sing hymns and read.  I am nervouse to confirm her a member but i was also nervouse and caught off guard to give a blessing but it was all good. I cant wait.   I love this area, miss you guys and just want to let you know that you dont have to worry about me here.  The dogs are nice, the gang members are scared, the members are awesome, and the people listen.  

    Some quick facts.     The people here have an Asian or Tongan look to them.  I think it is because the sun is really bright so their eyes have naturally squinted.  
I have already had 10 pupusas in 4 days and more to come.  I hear I will eat over 200 a month.  Dont worry, I am keeping count.  Some more words.  Bicho is a little pesty kid,  Chucho is a dog, Púchica is like freak or dang.  and instead of the common language crutch "like" or for latinos Entonces, they use "va" in the context "va pues, me encanta la igleasia much peroooo"

    Theres two places I love more than anything here,  Iglesias y Pupusarias!!!!
I love and miss you guys so much. Help the missionaries out there because the members are awesome here.  I have a cook and a cocinera.  They are the bomb.  I love you so much, keep up the good work and dont forget to pray.

     Con Mucho Amor,
     Elder Reed Allen Gubernick

Provo, Utah MTC

Getting Ready to Leave

I wish I was in the field like you think I am.  I leave Monday morning on a bus with ten others.  4 Nortes and 6 Latinos.  We leave at 7 and we will get there around 9 or 10.  I will meet my mission president then.  Until then I can only tell you the good news about my last week in the CCM.  I completed 1 and a half of my two goals.  Last night a miracle happened. HAHA i hate reading and yet i finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish last night.  It took me 6 weeks.  A weakness of mine before the mission has been turned into a strength here,  I love to read. I love the book of mormon and it is even more true to me in Spanish because it is what i teach.  I teach El Libro De Mormon not the Book of Mormon.  I have a goal to start and finish it in English again now.  My other goal went well but not perfect.  This week I went half the days speaking 0 words of English.  Our district made a goal and we accomplished it.  Speaking your language makes a huge difference in your progression.      I looked back this week and realized how much I have learned and how much I have grown.  I read all the letters i recieved in the MTC and the CCM and I love hearing from all you.  Mom, Dad, Bergen, Cade, AJ, Auntie Heidi, Aunt Debbie, Marissa, Lauren Norman, Zack, Alex, Steven, Chase, Joey, Blake, All my extended Family, college friends and everyone i love.  These letters give me strength to serve.  I can honestly say now that nothing distracts me because I have tried my hardest to submit my will to the will of the father.  One of my new favorite quotes goes something like this,  "Someone much greater, and much better than you asked if there was another way"  Talking about the Savior in the Garden.  It is fine to feel discouraged out here but we need to rely on the Atonement to get through it.  I can not wait for the field.  I have been getting a little tired of the CCM but that is normal.  The field will offer me new challenges and new goals.  I cant wait to see the fruits of our labor.  This time next week I could be preparing to teach a lesson, I could be tracting.  Its a gnarly thought but I can not wait.  We went to the temple this week and I had the opportunity to do the last part in Spanish.  I had an awesome experience after that.  I have been blessed to be so close to a temple and i have been blessed to be in this MTC.  I owe everything i know in the language to this place and I owe everything i Know in the gospel to my family.  I love you guys so much.  I hope you are not crying very much mom.  I dont have much to write this week either but i will soon have alot to write.  I love you guys and pray for you everyday.    Love Elder Gubernick