Sunday, September 30, 2012

Basketball with the President

Dear Family,
    This week flew by me.  I wonder why...the prophets say when you get lost in the work, time loses you.  Can you believe it has almost been 3 months.  Crazy.  I feel like just yesterday we were eating JDAWGS.  I will tell you why I think this week flew by.  Because we are so busy.  Progressing investigators: Carlos, Ronald, Nery, Patty, William, Familia Munguía, Lorenzo, Hilda, Grisselda and Josseline.
    Right after I wrote you guys last week I went out to play basketball with my zone and a car rolled up.  Yupp that looks like Presidents car.  President hops out with his shoes on and a ball.  Lets Play he said.  It was so hilarious because we were all just in shock.  How often do you get to play with President.  SO we split up and President gets first pick.  "Elder Gubernick" I was suprised and thought oh since I am new he doesnt want me to be picked last.  Turns out that President can ball.  He is 43 years old or so and still has it.  Latinos as you know can't play basketball and also kids from Utah.  Therefore, me and President ran the court all day.  President is probably the most competitive guy out there, I wanted to pull out a page in the white handbook and "machete" him as they call chastising him but I figured he's on my team and we are dominating.  Haha It was a cool experience and an awesome second impression with the President. 
    We set two dates for baptism.  26 de Agosto for Herman Carlos.  53 years of age, doesnt understand much but has a sincere desire to change.  He is an awesome guy and will probably be my first baptism.  There is a mission goal for all the new missionaries to baptize in their first month.  It will be awesome to mark that goal off.  We set an iffy date with Ronald who told us for sure he will be baptized, he just doesnt know when.  We are going to whip out the big guns with him and tell him that this is his trial of faith and that the sooner he enters the waters of baptism the sooner her will reap the blessings of this decision.  A member family, the Contreras family is huge in this conversion.  He is looking to be baptized the 2 of September but we want to push it foward for the 26th as well.
   We are planning on setting more dates this upcoming week.  One sister who had a problem with the law of chastity before I cam here.  For some reason we decided to visit her, out of random and she told us that she decided to commit and leave these things behind and how she has a firm desire to be baptized.  She has 4 asistencias so she is ready and we will put a date for the 26th this month. 
  WE FOUND OUR FAMILY!  Families are my favorite and we are teaching this family.  Hermano Rolando, Hermana Mabel, Orlando 12 years old, and Kevin 7.  Little Orlandito wants to get baptized and the mom likes the plan of salvation.  Our big challenge is the papa.  He has some gnarly questions and doesnt believe in the formation of church because it is run by men and corrupt.  This is perfect because our church is so unique in that noone gets paid.  He was fascinated that we pay for our missions and that our tithing goes straight to the church and to no one.  This church is voluntary.  He is a smart guy and he will figure it out.  As a family, Will you pray especially for this family?  Will you keep the Mungía Family in your prayers? We need to baptized them so they can go to the temple in about a year and get sealed.  Please! 
   Many more investigators but these are our focuse right now. 
   The language again I learn more and more every day.  It is gnarly what the gift of tongues can do.
   We had a MULTI ZONE meeting this week and I learned so much.  President Cordón and his wife talked about many things that for some reason I just needed.  It was awesome and we always eat good food.
   I heard from Sister Larsen, Heidi Debbie and everyone.  Everyone seems to be doing so well.  COUNT YOUR MANY BLESSINGS.  You have a lot more than you think.
   I had a gnarly spiritual experience last night.  Basically we taught the Munguía family last night and we promised some blessings and answers through the direction of the spirit.  The spirit was so strong and this man who is usually very comical and outgoing just listened and meditated as we bore testimony.  I bore testimony of the importance of families in this gospel.  I showed him our christmas card and told him that this happiness only comes through the knowledge of unity for eternity.  I know he felt the spirit and desired to know.  We left him and his family to read 3 Nephi 11 because this also answered one of his questions.  We left and before I went to bed I decided to read this chapter over again for myself in English.  I again felt the comfort of the scriptures and a good feeling.  When I finished, my patriarchal blessing fell out and I read it.  Everyone always says they find something knew every time the read it.  Yeah I never believed that until last night.  I read my blessing and there were words I know were not there before.  I have read this blessing so many times and It didnt mention much about my mission.  But there they were, the specific words close to this "the spirit will put thoughts and words in your mind and they will be believed by others..." This was an awesome experience.  I pray for this family every night, every time i Pray.  Please Help me pray for this family because I have mentioned, I have left my family for 2 years, to help other families live together forever.
    This week was awesome I learned so much.  I know this church I testify of everyday is the one and only, el mismo iglesia Jesucristo estableció muchos años pasado.  I love Spanish so much.  I love Preach My Gospel.  I love my companion.  I love my area.  I love you guys so much. 
Be safe and so will I.
Till we meet again...
Elder Reed Allen Gubernick

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