Sunday, September 30, 2012

Best Day So Far


   I got all your emails and everything.  I GOT THE PACKAGE... thank you so much.  The cable works, and the snacks are awesome.  Thank you so much mom and dad.  I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa and that was awesome too.  I really appreciate all the love here.  I feel bad for the other missionaries who dont get anything.  I know its expensive so you dont have to keep it up but I appreciate it.  
  Well... This week was the best week in my mission.  to be more specific, the 23 of September was the best day yet.  Why?  We started our day of normal.  We went to this couple that we are talking to that are taking the lessons and progressing super fast.  They were our focus and we went to teach them more stuff to prepare them for baptism.  They are not married yet so they need to get married.  This is a problem!  We went and taught them and talked about this problem.  They told us that they were ready and this message is true.  They are going to get married in October and baptized the next day.  We are marrying people HAHA!!!!
   Then we went to another girl who we are teaching who has a boyfriend that is a member.  We taught her the Law of Chastity invited her to get baptized and she said yes.  She is getting baptized the first week in October too.  This day was miraculous.  I will always remember this day.  We have some really positive people right now.  We are expecting big things this month.  I hope all things will work out.  
Happy Birthday Neno!!! You have been an awesome example to me and my family, as to how to be a member of this church.  Thank you for Everything!  pero ¿cuantos años tiene? No sabemos!

Happy Birthday Marissa!!! Your not a little teenager any more.  Enjoy the real life!

Family, keep doing awesome.  Dad good luck in Australia, take pics and send them to me.  Mom, keep taking care of the kids and sending me your love.  I know your worried but I am fantastic.  Brothers and Sisters, make me proud in sports and at BYU and in everything.  Love you all!!!

Elder Gubernick

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