Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feeling the Spirit

Dear Family, 

   Have you really already forgotten about me, is time going by fast or slow for you?  For me time is slipping away.  Before the mission I looked at 2 years a lot differently, almost like a burden.  It is starting to slowly seem like not enough time.  When the missionaries would tell me I wish I could go back or start over I didn't believe them.  I do now because I have had some awesome experiences and I haven`t even baptized yet.  Simply by seeing the changes in other people, I have receive more joy and peace in a way I have never felt.  It is different because I think of our family trips and how good and happy I felt but that is because we are a family who has this gospel and the guidance of or Heavenly Father.  As a 19 year old kid I have the calling to help and teach other people and when we teach with the power and authority of the Spirit I get this warm feeling.  A feeling that everyone talks about.  We try to point this out to everyone one we teach.  The way you feel right now is the Spirit, it is trying to testify the truthfulness of this message.  You can feel this feeling more often, you just have to follow us onto the path of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  
    We had some awesome lessons today, very powerful lessons.
    We taught a 20 year old young woman.  She had some problems with the law of chastity and she has been taught this lesson many times.  She has been taught all the lessons many times but has told my companion that she is addicted and can't stop and that her father in heaven understands her problem and that she is fine.  She wants to change but this is her challenge.  We prayed hard about what we should teach her and what do you know, La Expiaciòn.  The Atonement.  A little more background about her.  She comes to church every Sunday, she has a lot of support in the church because her boss/ basically her mom is a member.  She goes to institute every now and then throughout the week and she knows the lessons.  Anyway, we began teaching the lesson with pictures, diagrams, and paintings of Christ.  We taught her with sincere love for her progression.  It was a powerful lesson and we all felt the spirit.  She began to cry and tell us her situation over again and she told us that after the lesson prior to this one she decided to try and stop her bad decisions and change.  She told us that she had been doing well and this was what she needed.  We extended an invitation  to be baptized and she accepted.  She told us she didn`t know when exactly but we are going to try and put a date for the 2 of September.  She is ready and we need to follow up with her.  Satan works hard on our investigators with dates.  She is awesome though.
    We also saw the fruits of our labor and our focus in finding families.  While tracting we walked past the family I asked you guys to pray for.  We said hey and the mom called us over.  There was a young girl buying something from her shop, and the mom of this family said hey elders, teach this girl.  We began talking to this girl and at first she acted real shy saying "no i didnt say i want to be taught" but then she opened up and invited us in to teach.  We walked in thinking, oh we need to find a family, lets teach her real quick.  However, we walked in and she went into the back and brought out 2 brothers and 2 other sisters.  A family of 6 kids and 2 parents.  The parents live in North Carolina.  We were so shocked how interested this family was and all the kids were listening carefully.  Familia Escobar.  They are awesome and becuase of the Munguìa family, we are able to teach these golden investigators.  We see the Lords  hand in our work this week.  Thank you family for praying for my investigators and me.  I learn more and more about this gospel everyday.  I can`t wait to get in the water to baptize.  We had to push a few more dates back.  Keep praying for them and I am sure we will have a lot of success the month of September.  
    I miss you guys and love you so much.  I know you guys are busy, but you are never to busy for the Lord.

    Elder Gubernick

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