Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally in El Salvador

    Dear Gringos,

I am finally here in El Salvador.  Wow I hope I can convey this in a manner that covers everything.  My President and his wife are the best.  My new companion Elder Nuñez de Honduras, is the best.  My area, Piramidal, is the best.  My companion has been out only three months and is already training.  He was made DL when he started this change with me.  He knows barely any English, which is a good thing for me.  I can only speak Spanish and it has seemed to work out pretty well.  I am in a bigger town right next to Santa Ana.  This city is poor but busy.  The people in this area are so receptive.  The members are even better.  Our chapel is huge.  So nice.  My house on the other side is a small homy place ahha I wont get into details besides the fact that I dont shower.  This work is amazing here.  We teach what I feel like is alot.  The weather is nice right now and it rains every night.
    This week I learned so much from Elder Nuñez.  I learned our schedule, how to fill out things, how to buy things, and everything.   We also taught alot.  My first lesson was with a 24 year old kid named Gabriel.  He is a son of one of our investigadors.  My favorite investigator right now is Roberto.  We committed him to baptism for the 12 of this month.  My companion let me invite him.  I gave a blessing in Spanish of course to an inactive member with one leg.  We are teaching another youngster here named Nery.  He is 19, a future missionary.  He comes to mutual and all these other activities, has a desire but wont read.  He said he would start reading for me and we are going to set a date with him tomorrow for the 12th as well.  We are setting a goal of 5 baptsims this month.  My first month and 5 baptisms,  I never would have that that is possible.  It is with the lord on your side in an area where the people are humble and will listen.  The miracle of this week was 2 days ago.  Me and Elder Nuñez were walking down the street and this guy sitting outside yelled at us, we stopped and said what and he said VENGA VENGA.  I ran over there and we talked.  He immediately asked what church we are from.  We told him ofcourse being confused and he said are you from California in English.  I said yeah how did you know and he said i didnt but I do know haha.  He had lived in LA for a couple of years loves the Lakers and spoke a little English.  Once we started the lesson he was just immersed in the Spirit.  He loved it.  He is coming to church this sunday and we have more lessons planned for him.  This man will get baptized because he wants to the the truth. 
    This Sunday i will be confirming a little girl of 14 years of age a member of our church.  Her name is Flor.  She lives in a bad area but loves to sing hymns and read.  I am nervouse to confirm her a member but i was also nervouse and caught off guard to give a blessing but it was all good. I cant wait.   I love this area, miss you guys and just want to let you know that you dont have to worry about me here.  The dogs are nice, the gang members are scared, the members are awesome, and the people listen.  

    Some quick facts.     The people here have an Asian or Tongan look to them.  I think it is because the sun is really bright so their eyes have naturally squinted.  
I have already had 10 pupusas in 4 days and more to come.  I hear I will eat over 200 a month.  Dont worry, I am keeping count.  Some more words.  Bicho is a little pesty kid,  Chucho is a dog, Púchica is like freak or dang.  and instead of the common language crutch "like" or for latinos Entonces, they use "va" in the context "va pues, me encanta la igleasia much peroooo"

    Theres two places I love more than anything here,  Iglesias y Pupusarias!!!!
I love and miss you guys so much. Help the missionaries out there because the members are awesome here.  I have a cook and a cocinera.  They are the bomb.  I love you so much, keep up the good work and dont forget to pray.

     Con Mucho Amor,
     Elder Reed Allen Gubernick

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