Sunday, September 30, 2012

Getting in the Water



How close do you live to the mission home?  I tried to look up pirimidal on Google and it didn't even show up..TRY Piramidal (with an A, spell it right and see if that works)  I live rather close to the home and office.  About 15 min in bus.
What is the closest big city to you? SANTA ANA, but look up Paraiso or Modelo 
How's your health?  Pocito más gordo.  Haha I weigh 160 but I am am actually exercising alot and feel like I am getting in better shape.  Without the cannon center haha I am eating alot more healthy.
How is the missionary work going? Unbelievable
What have you been doing on P Days? We play basketball, write the family, watch movies, buy groceries.
I noticed that there are ruins in El Salvador. Do you guys get to visit them ever on your mission?  I haven't heard anything about that I doubt it.  We will go after.
How close to the temple are you? 45 minutes in bus, we have trips every three months.  President loves us to constantly be thinking of the temple.

As you can see from the picture we baptized a family!  Familia Hernandez.  The are so powerful.  It was an awesome experience that I will not forget and that I should be getting used to.  I am starting to understand a little more about this work and I think I have felt only a part of the joy and happiness this work has in store.  In my life I admit I have been a little self centered and I used to think alot about myself.  The mission changes people for this aspect.  In reality, I think about my investigators 24/7.  What are we going to teach them? What do they need? Can we help them with this? Why are they doing that? Its very rare that I think what do I need or, what am I going to do for myself.  I am pretty sure this is exactly what I needed.  
    This week was one of my favorite weeks in the mission.  We baptized the Hernandez family and they are so active.  I baptized two of the daughters.  17 year old Ingred and 14 year old Katherine.  The bishop baptized the Dad and my  Comp baptized the mom.  It was marvelous and I could truly remember my baptism, being in the font with dad and looking through the glass at my whole family.  I also could remember how dad would say he is going to hold me under longer than usual.  My first baptism was succesful.  I watched my companion struggle a little because he is rather new too.  He had to re baptize the mom.  I learned the tricks and It was a succesful first experience.  
   We are still teaching the Escobar Family.  They drink coffee and we are working super hard with them.  We are still teaching Esmeralda, the mom of another Hernandez family.  We put a date for the 23rd with her and we are going to start visiting her every day so she can progress and prepare faster for this date.  We have some new families and people we are teaching.  We will see how they can progress this week if they go to church.  Thank you so much for praying for these awesome people.  I love you guys so much.  
    I heard from the one and only, ALEX MACDONALD yesterday in a DearElder.  It was probably the coolest thing every to hear from him.  He truly cares about me and It was the coolest letter.  He told me about the last days with door and what he did over summer.  He had some awesome questions and told me how Cade is maturing and staying strong.  I love you AMAC.  He told me how he feels the Spirit when he reads my letters.  His life is going well right now and he has God to thank.  I hope I have been a good example to my friends and my siblings.  I have seen the power of examples in my life.  I also heard from Marissa who is sending me ties.  What an awesome friend.  I heard from Elder Congo, Elder Reese, Elder DOOR.  the gang all in the field.  
     I didn´t get transfered, nor my companion.  We have too much work to do here to be changed.  We have the families ready, we just need to baptize them.  We are so close with these families.  I hope we can convert them in the hearts so they can be active leaders in this church.  There are some more pictures of the jungle I have to walk through to get to some of our investigators.  It is so awesome and exactly the experience I hoped for.  I am looking foward to the package.  Thank You so much.  I hope the family is doing alright.  Grandma and Grandpa, Neno and the whole family.  I can see how blessed we are as a family all in the same church, the one and only true church of God.  Send my love to them and I wish you all the best.  Work hard and keep making me proud.  I love you guys and pray for you all the time.  

"The feeling of love from our Heavenly Father is like a gravitational pull from Heaven.  As we remove the distractions that pull us toward the world and excercise our agency to seek him, we open our hearts to a celestial force which draws us toward him!"

Elder Gubernick

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