Sunday, September 30, 2012

Piramidal, Santa Ana

Dear Loving Family,

      Well lets start now.  I loved hearing from everyone this week.  Bergen and Cade, you sound awesome.  Have an awesome experience at EFY.  Meet friends, thats where I met Marissa.  You will have those friends forever.  Have fun. I love hearing from Madeline and Ramsey as well.  I keep in touch with Elder Reynolds too haha.  Yes the only thing I need is pictures.  If you could send them to the office I am sure they will get to me.  Everything else is just perfect.  I didnt expect it to be going by this fast, but everyone says it does, and it really does.  When we work hard, we have fun, and when we have fun, we teach effectively.  When we teach effectively, we baptize.  I havent got to baptize yet but I will soon.  We are so close with a couple of people.  I did however get to confirm a recent convert this week and it was an awesome experience.  The of my biggest challenges, but it is coming along.  I wish I could talk to you dad right now to see what you think.  I can fluently read spanish, I hope thats worth something.  And also I had a dream in Spanish last night about something I forgot.  SWEET The people talk so wierd here.  I am in Piramidal a town right outside of a big city Santa Ana.  It is average size but alot of people.  The people here are in the middle class range.  About 10% of the members have cars.  It is a semi poor area but there are alot worse.  The members are awesome.  We teach alot with the members in the ward that have just returned from their missions and I learn alot.  My comp has only 3 months in the field and is training me so we need all the help we can get.  My first week and his 3 month and we are together, both fairly new, a challenge President say neccesary .  I love it because we both teach each other.  Our district is awesome, the Hermanas are awesome too.
      Currently, we have 7 progressing investigators.  The 3 closest to baptism are NERY GUITERREZ, a 19 year old and he came to the temple with us for a little ground walking.  He had an awesome experience at the temple and we are extending an invitation this week.  He is so close and so interested.  Our next one is WILLIAM.  He lived in LA for a short time and honestly keeps every commitement.  He told us he will get baptized but we havent set a date because we have only taught him 2.  He has problems with his family and is thinking about moving down the street so he can fully commit to this gospel.  He is awesome.  Next is a 24 your old man named RONALD.  He is a good friend of a member so it is awesome.  He comes to church every week and we taught him this week and he said he is going to get baptized too but he just doesnt know when.  A committment will change his mind.  These three are the closest.  A mission goal is for the new missionaries to baptize in their first month.  I am shooting for this goal.  I cant send pictures cause I dont have a cord to connect it, but I am looking to buy one.  I have some good pics of the temple and other things.  
    Like I said, the people here look ASIAN.  It is awesome.  Everyone feeds us, non members, members, and even investigators.  Even if they dont like us, they will feed us.  The food here is delicious.  Hermana Arisely is our cook and she makes bomb soups and meals.  I forgot to mention this last week.  When the people talk here they say "MON" all the time.  "va pues mon"  Puchica mon"  like Jamaicans.  Its hilarious and I have been saying it on accident haha.  The dialect here is different but awesome.  Everything is better than I expected.  The spiritual experiences I have everyday dont compare to the life in the world.  I can see my Heavenly Father help me and the people I teach.  His hand is in this work.  When I testify, I can feel the power of my calling.  I hope I can continue to progress in this work and in the language.  With a larger vocabulary and a better grasp on PMG, the Lord will help us as instruments convert the people of this area.  My testimony grows everyday.  Especially about the importance of families.  Some of the responses i get when I ask, Cree que su familia puede ser juntos para siempre? are unbelievable because some people just dont believe it is possible.  We have the restored gospel and with that comes the knowledge of the Pan of Salvation.  I am thankful for this knowledge and I know my calling is here in EL Salvador.   "A missionary is a willing worthy young man who leaves his family for two years to help others live with their families for eternity"   This is my purpose and our mission has a strong emphasis in finding families.  I love this emphasis.  We have 2 families that are progressing but families are hard to maintain.  I have faith that teaching families is possible, and I cant wait to save my first family.  
     Thank you all for your love and support.  I pray for you back home everyday.  Be safe and count your many blessings.  You live in the UNITED STATES for crying out loud.  Enjoy it.  Don't worry about me.  Love you all.
Obedezca como NEFI
Ore como ENOS
Predique como ABINIDI
Bautice como ALMA
Sirva como AMMON
Luche como MORONI
Ame como Jesucristo

     With Love, Your Son
     Elder Gubernick

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