Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Work in Piramidal

Dear Family,
The questions are awesome.
Did you feel the earthquake? No
What were you doing when it happened? Sleeping
How close are you to the ocean? They said there were tsunami warnings. 
Water is not an issue here.  They supply us with 3 big jugs every two 
weeks and also we have the filter.  It is safe my pro biotics are 
awesome and so is my stomache. 
How's your weight? Lost or gained? Gained 10 from the CCM and maintaing 
here, I am getting jacked as Cade would say.
  From these questions I can tell you still worry about me.  They take 
care of the missionaries.  They honestly make sure we are safe and 
healthy.  I lost my voice the other day from talking alot and the rain 
and the nurse called me to make sure I was alright.  I told her that i 
just lost my voice.  They really do take care of us trust me. 
     I spent alot of time in San Salvador this week for all the 
residence stuff.   The office messed up a number on my records so I had 
to go back to San Salvador again.  This is wasted time but it is always 
awesome because I get to eat Wendys or KFC or anything I want.  We 
always get to go to the temple for a little bit to just to watch it. 
    Therefore not alot went down this week.  However, that new family 
we found, familia Escobar, is awesome.  We are having success but we 
are not baptizing.  I have realized I am in one of the more rich 
areas.  Half my area is jungle remember and half my area is the rich 
Catholic pastors.   We teach a lot of people everyday but we struggle 
to truly convert and get in the water.  We are looking to have a good 
month of September.  I know you pray for me all the time and especially 
my health but I humbly ask that you pray for the families and people we 
teach here.  We have so many people close to baptism.  They all have 
certain challenges and have to work so hard to overcome them.  The work 
here in Piramidal is moving alot.  We will baptize this month so expect 
pictures.  That is a promise and one of my goals.  I honestly thought 
this country would be more receptive but in reality, Central America is 
very catholic.  We have to work hard .  
   We had another meeting with President today and so I dont have that 
much to write.  I will have alot more to write next week.
    I love and miss you all, tell Jeff I said congrats and Molly too.  
Tell the whole extended family I miss them.  Enjoy this week and make 
the best of it.
Elder Gubernick

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