Sunday, September 30, 2012

Working Hard

Dear Family,

How much money do you get every month? About 185 a month, I took out some from my credit card to buy a couple of things and folders for my scriptures.
How are your feet with all the walking? No, the mission comes with a lot of dolores but this is not one of them. 
Do you ride the bus a lot and how much does it cost you? Average amount costs 20 cents.
How are your shoes? Hanging in there, comfy.  My boots came in handy, look at the pictures.
Do you live with another companionship? We want to see pictures of your
apt. inside.  Does the maid live with you or close to you? No only us two, our house is nice and no our cook lives close and our laundry person works near us.
Are there alot of bugs there? Especially in the jungle area. Yeah, there are these giant grass hoppers that can fly, alacranes or scorpions, and more but we dont see them that often.
I am still waiting to hear from Cade and Bergen... The family sounds magnificent.  Keep up with the updates, it doesn't make me homesick, only when I see a picture of the beach that Leslie Dougherty sent Elder Dougherty who fowarded it to me.  Please dont send me pics of the beach or talk about the Hurley Pro haha.  
   I have not gotten the package yet but it should come this wednesday.  I hope it has my English Scriptures and the cord.  Other than that I will be grateful for whatever.  
   This week was a little different.  I had a different outlook on the mission.  Instead of focusing on the numbers like we always try not to do, we worked very hard following the section in Preach My Gospel about a Succesful Missionary. Love the people, follow the rules, and if you can feel the spirit testify through you, you are serving successfully.  I worked hard with this and I could see the fruits of my labor.  We found two more families that are preparing for baptism.  The only problem is, they arent legally a familly yet or in other words, "están acompañados", living together before marriage not living the law of chastity.  We are having success with this family teaching them the Law of Chastity and we are expecting the baptism of one of the families at the end of this month.  One of these in particular is a little weird.  This girl is 15 years old, she is with this 17 year old kid who is a member.  This girl is living in our area with this kid and her mom lives in San Salvador and doesnt have a dad.  Therefore, to get married there is paper work necessary.  We got the paper worked signed and everything.  All we need is them to live in different houses and they are getting married in december.  Pray for this family and pray that this girl can get baptized the 29 of September.
    I could write alot more about this area but I want to keep it simple.  We are teaching a bunch, we drop people when they can't progress, and we are continually finding new people.  The Catholics are hard, I won't lie.  But we are working hard and enjoying the weather.  When it rains it is beautiful.  I love and miss you guys.  How's the missionary work in Irvine?  There is always room for imporvement.  If Cade can, go serve with the missionaries.  The best way to learn is do.  Thank you for writing me and telling me all about the life in California.  Keep up the good work.  Good Luck Bergen in Volleyball, Cade in Football and school, and Aj in school.  Mom and Dad keep up the good work providing for us kids, we are grateful for your love and your work.  Although we don't show it sometimes we will always love you.

Elder Gubernick

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