Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Wedding and A Baptism

Dear Family,

   Once again, thanks for the package...  I have been snacking on that all week and all the companions have been snacking on that.  I got a card from the Garlocks and I am stoked for John.  Tell John Congratulations, I am really proud of him.  The girl looks sweet too.  The pictures of Australia are sweet pops, working hard.  Mom the scriptures I am talking about are the small, English ones that are like Orange.  Look in the box next to the TV to the right and down.  If you are sending a package can you send the scriptures, another pair of pants, black, razors, and nutella again.  But if you can send the pictures sometime this week that would be awesome.  I just want pictures the week before my mission with the family and my friends and just a bunch of pictures.  Also maybe a picture of my baptism would be sweet too.   I heard from Bergen! Sounds like volley ball is fun.  Work hard as a freshman...It will pay off.  Dont slack in school.  How are your grades?

    Well now with the good news.  My area has turned around a whole 180 degrees.  The first month we had no one to teach no one progressing.  The past two weeks we have brought 6 and 7 people to church and we have families and people that are so powerful.  Right now we are working with a lot of people who have dates and are preparing for the month of October.  With Grisselda and Wilber, we are planning a BautiBoda...A wedding and baptism in the same day.  This couple is sweet and they have a little baby in the hospital.  Grisselda was pregnant with twins.  They lost one and the other is sick in the hospital.  The miracle is we taught Grisselda the first time and taught the Plan of Salvation of course.  She was touched and so were we.  We then met the husband and starting teaching him.  As she starting keeping her commitments and coming to church this couple started to see miracles.  They started to see their little baby get better in the hospital.  They will get their baby back before the wedding and baptism.  They have such strong testimonies that when the keep a commandment they are going to get blessings.  Expect pictures in two weeks of a wedding and baptism and pictures in one year when we come back to visit them get sealed in the temple...!
   We also are teaching Martin who is also the most committed guy I have ever seen.  He told us already he is going to get baptized but he doesn't just want to get baptized.  He wants to literally leave his sins behind, get a calling, and serve a mission later in his life with his girlfriend who is a member.  He has a date for the 14th as well.
   We are working with two kids in families that are split up.  We will have two youth baptisms in October as well...
   We found the other day anothe miracle.  This women named Xiomara is very poor and humble. We were teaching her the first vision for the first time and she Asked us the name of this 14 year old boy.  We told her about Joseph Smith and she told us that she had that name in her mind for some reason.  She is going to get baptized this month too.  She is awesome.
    CONFERENCE is this week.  I am soo stoked and so are our investigators.  I can't wait and I know we will be spiritually fed.
I love you guys so much.  I don't have much time because we are goiung to Presidents House to Watch a movie and eat lunch for PDAY.  Love you guys so much and Keep working hard.  All is well!!!

 Elder Gubernick

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