Thursday, November 8, 2012

Changes and New Responsibilities

Dear Family,
   As mom saw on facebook, yes I am training...but what she couldnt see is that I am also a district leader.  What is President thinking, haha.  No I know he is inspired and he has confidence in our work.  He told me in my interview that I have a lot of potential, but I didnt think that would mean training and leading a district my 3 change.  I know I can do it, but I will need all the prayers I can get and I have faith that it is the best thing for a missionary to grow.  I realized with this change that I can understand pretty much everything and I can say whatever I want.  That's fluent right?  Sometimes there are words that I don't know but I can understand everything.  Right now is the most important part of my mission, I can speak well, understand, and have this opportunity to learn alot of words and ways to teach the doctrine of Christ.  I am so happy right now.  So yes, I have alot of new things going on and I will tell you how it goes.
Did you get a new companion ? Yes
What's his name? Elder Thornton
Where is he from? Utah, Ogden
Are you in the same area? Yes Piramidal
Did you get to see Elder Draper? Yes, he is doing awesome, he has a good trainer and from what I heard can speak well.
Do you still take the pills? Everyday of my life.
Did you here Steven Doughrty got into BYU? YUP
Did you here that Mark Doughrty is our new Bishop?Gnarly
     So this week we had another baptism, but not just a normal baptism.  Martìn Cornejo, one of the most powerful investigators I have ever taught.  He was baptized and took us aside and bore the most powerful testimony I have ever heard.  He began to weep and hugged us for 5 minutes.  It was an awesome experience.  I couldnt help but to cry.  He is so awesome and so willing to do whatever it takes to be the best disciple of Christ.  I dont have pictures because my  companion Elder Nunez hasnt sent me them.  I will send them out next week.  It was awesome.
   We have two more dates for this Sunday.  Giovanni which was a friend of Martin, and Maria Lena who is a little girl.  My new comp will baptized his first week in the mission.  How awesome is that.  I am stoked for him, because he needs it. He is really quiet and really doesn't like Spanish.  I am only speaking to him in Spanish to help him out.  We are working hard, I need to help him realize how this work goes.  He will learn how to work hard very soon.  I need to be an example like you said DAD.  I am willing to do whatever.  With a companion that is learning spanish, I have a large majority of the time to speak.  My spanish is growing so fast and my teachings are getting better and better everyday.  Haha his first day he didnt really talk, so my mouth hurt so much that night.  He is learning so fast though and I am so grateful for this opportunity. 
   We are working with other families and references.  We are looking good for the first weeks in November but we will have some dates for the end of November.  We are working hard and I love and miss you guys so much.  I thank you for teaching me how to work hard in everything.  There are missionaries here who dont know how to work hard.  I wish the best for the family.  Sounds like you guys are always doing awesome.  Tell AJ to answer my emails.  Slacker REturn MisSionARy...  Always remember why we are here, and where we are going.
I love you guys so much.  You mean the most to me and I am always praying for your success Spiritually.
Elder Gubernick

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