Thursday, November 8, 2012

Families Can Be Together Forever

To explain how this week was, I sent some pictures.  We ended up having the sweetest wedding and baptism.  So many members were involved helping out and everything.  Both of the services were remarkable.  We baptized a FAMILY!!!  They were so happy.  As you can see in the pictures, Wilber, the groom wore my suit, haha he looked pretty good.  We had many investigators there to watch and two of them have dates for this Sunday and the following.  Martín and Giovanni.  They told us that they were so happy for them and cant wait for thier own baptism.  They felt the Spirit sooo strong.   This was a day I will never forget.  I am attached to this couple, they made so many changes and leaps of faith with their baby and everything.  They should get their baby soon.
    We had interviews with President and it was such an awesome experience to talk to this man who knows so much and loves us so much.  He had some good stuff to say about our area and our work.  He also told me that soon I will have to lead in the area, basically telling me that my companion is going to leave.  I am excited for a change but I am sad that he will be leaving.  He will be missed.
  We also had the most amazing opportunity to go to the temple yesterday.  We did a session as a zone and my zone is so sweet. First time in the temple of San Salvador and what an spiritual experience.  As missionaries we are engulfed in this gospel.  Going to the temple was a well needed moment to sit back and count my blessings.  Also to focus on the most important promises I have made in my life.  I understand more and more everytime we go.  It was so fun and well needed.
  The missionary work is killing it right now.  We were really busy this week doing all this stuff.  We are still trying to baptized 6 this month.  We have another family that is looking positive but they will need to be more committed.
    You guys all sound so happy and ready to take on the challenges of the world.  You are an example to my investigators of how a family can be together and enjoy the blessings of this gospel.  I hope that you guys are having success in your life.  Brothers and sisters, thank you for everything and your example to the people here in El Salvador.  Mom and Dad Thanks for everything, you know everything you have done for me.  If I tried to write it out, I would be here for days.  This work really does bless the family.  I hope you can see the little blessings every day.  Whether it is in your jobs or in your health.  He always provides.  Trust in him.
    I hope you guys have an awesome week. 
Your Son, Brother, Nepew, Grandson, and friend,
Elder Gubernick

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