Thursday, November 8, 2012

General Conference


   Whats up guys?!!!!  How was the conference for you guys?  Wow! we were shocked here with everything that happened.  I love conference and feel so bad for not listening all those years. I want to dedicate this letter to CADE... As you all know, the age to serve changed.  Cade! Are you preparing, this is a huge change but it is revelation directly from GOD.  For some reason he wants younger boys and girls to serve.  With this change their will be a boom of new missionaries all over the world.  In your situation Cade, this is a blessing.  With the whole BYU situation and the grades, all you have to focus on now is your grades and your spiritual growth.  Are you prepared Cade?  You should be fine if you are going to seminary and taking it seriously.  READ the Book of Mormon and learn, learn, and learn... PRAYYYYY man seriously, how are you doing with these things.  I hope you all enjoyed conference and learned alot.
    I loved conference and so did all my investigators.  Mom, no she didnt hear that talk but we are going to get it for her because I thought the same exact thing...she needs to hear this.  Other than that, we are dominating hear in Piramidal.  I love the success we are having but we are trying to be humble.  The wedding is still on for this wednesday and the baptism to follow.  We put a date with Martin two nights ago for the 21st of October and a date with Maria Lena for the 28th.  We are going to have at least 6 baptisms this month and we are soooo stoked.  Dad I am so glad to hear work is going well and you are recieving the benefits of this work.  Temporal and Spiritual.  Read Mosiah 3:41 the key to success... I love you fam.

Love you guys!

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