Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leading Up to Baptisms

Dear Family,
   Sorry I have been a little chambone about my letters.  The start of my mission has been a little crazy.  Litterally everything is happening so fast.  I never thought It would be happening like this.  There are some times throughought the day where I am so deep in a lesson and I look out the window for a second and I think to myself...I am in the middle of El Salvador and I am teaching the word of God in a different language.  I am so comfortable here, it is so natural.  When these times hit me, I can feel the love of God overcome me.  In these moments I testify for why I am here in the mission.  I tell them all the things I have left behind to help these humble people.  Awesome Experiences.
   First off I know its wierd that I am writing on a Tuesday.  It is because we have a huge temple activity tomorrow and We havent had a normal PDAY in a while. President told us to have PDAY today.  First things first.  My new companion is doing so much better.  The best way to help him out is by loving him more and more.  I have been trying to dig deeper into his life to get to know him better and better.  When he can be more comfortable with me, he will open up with me and he will be more trainable.  The thing I learned from my first week of training is that I have just as much to learn, apart from the Spanish.  He is struggling but we are working hard, speaking spanish all day if we can.  I leave time every lesson for him to share what he can but most importnatly his testimony.  I told him how important his testimony is and he told me, no they can't even understand it.  I shared some experiences that I have had where I am teaching and I instantly know I made a bunch of grammar mistakes and they dont even catch it because they are being filled with the Spirit.  The Spirit really testifies of our message no matter how butchered our Spanish is.  Elder Thornton is doing awesome.  Baptized before he even finished his first week, and he will be baptizing again next week.  I really wanted him to have the opportunity to baptize Giovanni, but our Zone leader accidently asked Giovanni who he wanted to be baptized by and he said me.  Also my companion was fine with it because he still is trying to memorize the prayer.  He will be ready for the baptisms next week.  The two baptisms we have next week are two kids.   We had to work hard with the parents to get permission and we are still working with them to get baptized following the example of their kids.
    We have been looking for alot of new investigators, working with the members.  We are a little low on the progressing investigators right now because we found a ton of people that live out of our area. We have this activity for the members and investigators tomorrow to invite everyone to this activity.  We are looking to have 4 or 5 investigators at this activity.  The temple is the best missionary in this country.  More people who have come to these activities have been baptized than anyone.  Pray for us tonight that we can bring alot of investigators to this activity.  We are working with the rest of the family that we baptized, grisselda and Wilber.  They are looking very positive. 
   I got a lot of letters from new people this week.  Brother Ballard, the best seminary teacher ever, and many more people.  I dont have much time to respond to all of them but thanks for the love.  I haven't gotten those packages that are coming. 
Mom, I am still waiting for those pictures.
Aj, keep being a boss, I love you man.
I love all of you.  Keep working hard and dont forgot the work of the Lord in your own lives.  I am still alive and healthier than ever.  The Lord blesses us in many ways.  I am praying for Madeline...I have heard what happened in New York.
Elder Gubernick

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