Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baptism Dates


    WOW what a sweet letter.  I feel like I am getting ready to play Garden Grove all over again.  The gang sounds better than ever.  Getting ready for the holidays without me huh... Its all good, I just hope Mom doesn't randomly start crying on the way to the movie theaters like she did the first Thanksgiving Aj was away.  Mom, It will be all right.  Im being taken care of here.  I eat so much.  I am still jacked like Cade would say but I have eaten over 200 pupussas in 4 months.  Good things that's only 20 to 30 dollars.  All i do is flirt with the Abuelitas who work the pupusarias and we get the hook up. 7 for a dollar or 10 for a dollar if I do it well.  My comp loves pupussas so we have been getting them almost every night.

   Yes I got the package from Marissa. Wow!  They ties she made were so sweet.  I told here I won't trade them so you guys will get to see them when I come back.
As for the work not much has changed.  This week we put a date with the Dad of the little Mauricio we baptized.  He is the only member of the family that's not a member and a bunch of missionaries have worked with him... We finally touched his heart and he is getting married and baptized the 25th of this month.  Another cool thing is We put a date with the mom of the little girl we baptized.  She has been going to church for years but never accepted baptism.  We tried to put the date and finally she accepted.  So awesome.  We baptized the two little ninos and then their parents followed.  Its amazing how the example of two 8 year olds can affect the family.  This was very sweet....  We also have a date with a brother of a member.  His name is Jorge Alberto and has a date for the 2nd of December.  He is so awesome and was prepared for us.
   We are working with some very positive new investigators.  I can testify that working with the members is the way to work.  We havent knocked a door with out a member in 2 weeks and we are really seeing the power. I love this way in which we work because I am builidng bonds with the members like never before.  It is miraculous the way we have success as a ward.  I love and miss you guys so much and I hope Bergen had and awesome birthday and I hope you guys as a family can enjoy the blessings in this time of Holidays.  My English is getting worse but I will be able to talk to PAPI over skype this christmas.  Not too far away...

PS. Thanks for sending the pics,,,I will tell you if I get them and the package.  Thanks for everything.


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