Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Season

Dear Family...

 Questions we asked Reed:

Do you think you will stay in your area for XMas?  I could change but who knows.
When do you think you will call? I think Christmas Day but I dont know anything.
Did you get transferred? Dont know yet.
how is the weather there at Christmas time? I get cold at night but it is perfect during the days...I like it like this.
 We are finishing this change and the training is going great.  We are getting ready for Christmas and all is well here in Piramidal.  Changes are this upcoming Wednesday,  I will find out this Sunday night if anything is changing.  I have a feeling something is changing.  With new missionaries coming in there is a constant need for new trainers, but I know I am not training again.  There should be alot of changes this change.  I am hoping for the best as a missionary and for our area. 
   If you didnt realize, I hit 6 months today...WOW, isnt that wierd.  I feel completely disconnected from the world, now I understand just a little bit about how AJ felt when we picked him up.  One of my good friends out here and my zone leader is going home this change and it is so wierd for him and for us to think about it.  We try not to think about it at all but it makes us sad. 
  Your trip to San Fran looked like a success.  I remember all the family trips we went on and they are some of the best memories I have till this day.  I am so happy for Marissa and for everyone and their accomplishments.
   As for this area in this moment.  This past Sunday, we had two baptisms.  They were so spiritual and powerful converts.  Sister Elena Meda has been going to church for 5 years but never accepted a baptismal date.  This strengthened my testimony that I am meant to be here and teach these people. Some investigators react differently and better to certain people.  The other baptism was with Elmer Segura, also an old investigator.  We worked hard with him and we allowed him to get married with his wife, Brenda, and also get baptized that same day.  Those baptismal services are super hectic for us as missionaries to get all the papers and do all the work for these investigators but It is so worth it in the end. 
   We are looking for bigger and more prepared families to baptize in these upcoming weeks.  I have a goal to baptize every week with my companion and so far we have dates this week and a date for the 9th of December.  If we have a lot of investigators in the Sacrament Meeting this week, we can put some more dates for this month and have a nice CHRISTMAS. I really can't wait to talk to you guys on the phone but MOM always be prepared and have those questions that I know you will have.  I have a lot to talk about too. 
  I got the pictures mom and they are awesomeee!!! thank you so muchhh.  I am so lucky to have supportive parents like you.  This pday was wierd so I couldn't write much but next pday I will have alot to tell you about changes and everything.
Love your Son,
Elder Gubernick 

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