Sunday, January 6, 2013

Geting Ready for the Holidays

Dear Family,    I bet you are super excited to hear what happened over here during changes.  NOTHING...I am still working hard in my first area, Piramidal.  There are still people here that I need to teach and baptize, like Gabby Cardona who has a date for the 16 of December.  She is so sincere and has such a big desire to start her life over.  She also didnt want us to get changed so we could see her get baptized.  There is a picture of her, she is on the right.  Our zone got changed a little bit and there are some new, good missionaries in our zone.  We got a new zone leader and he should be a good addition to the zone.  This past weekend we had the baptism of Jorge Alberto and he had an awesome experience and was so happy.  He was really a golden investigador like they always say.  The first visit we put a date with him, he hadnt even been to church yet.  Three sundays later he was dunked and is stoked to have a calling and recieve the priesthood later on.  We are working hard to find new people everyday.  Our ward is doing awesome.  I feel we have such a strong relationship with the members that they are going out of their way to help us find and teach.  We have been working hard to strengthen this realtionship to grow as a ward family.  We are hoping they will work even harder to bring more souls unto christ and help more people come to church this Sunday.  Now is a perfect time to change and grow spiritually with the Birth of Jesus Christ and the new year.  It is a time to set goals and make plans to accomplish them.   We are looking so hard for families and partial families that we can complete.  We have found some people that are trully interested and we need to help these people get their answer.  I am so grateful for another 6 weeks to work here in Piramidal, I know there are still people I need to find and help with my testimony.    Dad, did you see Elder Mecham, joey mecham, who is serving in London, probably not but he is there right now.  You guys sound super busy and sound like you guys are having a lot of fun.  Those stories that you hear in the other missionaries letters are crazy, absolutely nothing dangerous, scary, or threatening ever happenes to me.....ha...  Just want to let you know that we are protected, we walk with angels by our side and the Spirit manifests to us where we need to go.  We had an awesome experience while looking for someone to teach.  The Lord directs us and we follow.  This country is a lot different, but my mentality has convinced itself that this is normal.  I can already tell you guys that I will be weird when I come home.  I am accustomed to some different things but one thing I have grown to love is the stuy of the scriptures.  You guys wouldnt believe how much I love to read the Book of Mormon.  I feel a little nerdy because I can tell you what happens in every one of the chapters of ALMA.  I can tell you that there are 239 chapters in the book of mormon and 174 of them touch on topics of war, violence, destruction, terrorism, assasination, and secret combinations (GANGS).  But Why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN... if the book of mormon only spoke about peace and love, we wouldnt learn from the Book of Mormon.  This country is just like the rest, full of people who break the word of wisdom, law of chastity, the laws of the land and everything, but little by little we are spreading the word of god to change these people.  Be a light, and more and importantly be a missionary.  Sorry for the preaching, I will declare repentance unto you guys maybe for Christmas, but definitely when I get home.  I am not perfect, but I want to be.  I love you guys so much, Have a safe and wonderful Christmas.  I cant wait to talk to you guys!!!
Love Elder Gubernick

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